"Tennis : its history and its description (Le Jeu de Paume)", (1862) introductory essay by Edouard Fournier; translated by Richard Travers. Published: Melbourne : by Michael Garnett's Historical Publications, 2006.

The book is usually attributed to Edouard Fournier. Of the collection of articles that comprise the book, Fournier is given as the author of the introductory historical chapter only. "Le jeu de paume, son histoire et sa description" is in fact a miscellany of articles collected by an editor--we think he was Eugene Chapus (1800-1877). The book was published to coincide with the demise of the Passage Sandrie court in Paris and opening of the Tuileries court. Book includes original 16 plates reproduced in sepia. A copy is in the RMTC Library.

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